Max Blowout Bottoplex Premium is an advanced smoothing, repairing, and bonding treatment specifically formulated for over processed hair. This unique product is the first of its kind on the market and it combines three product concepts into one: Hair Botox, Collagen, and Olaplex. The result is beautifully smooth, healthy, shiny, and frizz-free hair with an amazing color. Carefully developed with a proprietary blend of ingredients including pro-vitamin D-Panthenol, and our O PLex Collagen Blend: a specialized formula rich in amino acids, vitamins A and E, and supercharged with natural oils from the Amazon Rainforest, including macadamia nut oil, buriti fruit, and Acai Berry, our cutting-edge Bottoplex Premium formula will bring your hair back to life.


1.Wash hair twice with Max Blowout Deep Cleansing Shampoo.

2.Towel dry hair and separate hair into 4 sections. Hair should be 50-70% dry. If necessary slightly blow dry the hair for 5 minutes .

3.Starting at the nape of the neck, apply product onto small, thin sections approximately 1 1/4 inch away from the scalp. Use a fine-tooth comb to evenly spread product through hair and to remove excess product. Allow product to remain on the hair for 15-20 minutes.

4.Rinse hair only 50% leaving some product on it . "very important for lasting results"

5.Blow dry hair completely at medium temperature , avoiding excessive brushing. (for best results use Eckoz vented hair brush ). Separate dried hair into four sections. Working with small, thin sections about 1-inch wide, flat-iron each section up to six times to help seal the keratin into the cuticle. Flat iron temperature should be 400-450 F, 200-230 C. (For over-processed and delicate hair, use a lower temperature to avoid burning or damaging the hair).


1. After the coloring process is finished and the hair rinsed, starts on step 2 of the directions.

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